Trash Service Info

Bates Trucking Trash Removal provides the following info for Beacon Hill residents:


To order containers or to report missed service, contact WM residential service team member:

Customer Service:

Elvia Arroyo



One 96-gallon container for trash and one 48-gallon container for recycling is provided to each single family home.  There will be a $50.00 replacement charge for any bin that is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair due to resident’s negligence.  The community member will be invoiced directly from WM.   The bins are the property of WM and therefore should remain at your address until returned to us upon your move out.

Your trash will be picked up at the curb twice per week (Tuesday and Friday.)  Our crews begin at 6:00 a.m. Please have your trash and recyclables accessible by 6 a.m.on the day of delivery to ensure pickup.  It’s impossible to guarantee an exact time because the amount of trash varies from day to day. Residents are encouraged to place tightly-secured containers curb-side the evening before service day.

Your recycling will be picked up at the curb one day per week on Wednesday. Click Here for specific recycling details.  If you use any other container besides the one provided, it must either have a Recycle sticker clearly posted on the container…or “Recycle” clearly written in permanent marker where it can be seen by the service provider.  Recycle stickers are available at Amazon…HERE.

No plastic bags in recycling, this is considered contamination.

Bates Trucking Trash Removal is receiving fines for these contaminants and we will have to pass this onto you if plastic bags and any other contaminants are placed in your recycling container.  Recycle material should be placed loosely in the container and the plastic bag either reused, taken back to the retailer, or disposed of in the trash container. For further info on how to recycle right, please review recycle information at:


Yard Debris will be collected seasonally, every Wednesday from April 1st through December 24.

  • Place your yard waste at the curb by 6:30 a.m. and in accordance with the below specifications.
  • Brush must be cut in four-foot lengths with limbs no larger than 4 (4) inches in diameter – and tied in bundles no larger than two (2) feet in diameter.
  • Place yard waste in separate containers (Clearly marked “YARD WASTE”), biodegradable bags, at the curb on the yard waste pick – up days.  Containers shall be secured so as not to blow away.
  • The weight limit for yard debris is 35lbs. or less per bags or container and cannot exceed more than 10 bags or bundles.
  • Only acceptable yard waste will be collected.  Unacceptable items include: rocks, dirt, mulch, concrete, sod, etc.

We will remove packing boxes of new residents on recycling day only.  ALERT:  New CARDBOARD BOX DISPOSAL RULES ISSUED BY LANDFILL.Click Here for important info.

We will provide special pickups for:  furniture, extra large amounts of yard debris, mattresses, and other large non-metal household items.  Also ferrous metals/white goods, such as stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, hot water tanks, and other large bulky metal goods are a special pickup.  These items will be collected by APPOINTMENT ONLY on FRIDAYS. Depending on your item, there may be a charge to the resident, payable by credit card.  Call our customer service number if you would like service.

There will be no refuse or recycling collection on federal holidays.  We will remove refuse on the next regularly scheduled service day.  Should your recycling day fall on a holiday, pickup will occur on the next scheduled recycling day.  Because all trash and recycling is picked up on the next regularly scheduled service day, there will be no adjustment to the invoice.

The following items will NOT be collected:  dead animals, oil, paint, batteries, construction material, manure, tree stumps, mulch, sod, dirt, stone, rocks, or cement, bricks, poisons, dangerous acids, caustics, explosives or other dangerous material or items too large or too heavy to be loaded in collection vehicles safely by our refuse collectors.

Bates Trucking Trash Removal makes every effort to remove refuse on snow days without unnecessarily endangering employees or equipment.  Refuse collection will be suspended upon notification from the Loudoun County Police Department that a snow emergency exists.  Under such an emergency, refuse will be collected on the next regularly scheduled service day, road conditions permitting.

Missed trash and recycling pick-ups should be reported to the Bates Trucking Trash Removal Customer Service department and will be picked up within a 24-hour period.    Bates Trucking will not be responsible for the removal of trash from any homes located on roadways that are deemed impassible by the Contractor due to inclement weather, construction on roadways, construction vehicles, or parked cars.  Uncollected trash will be picked up on the next regular scheduled pickup day.  Bates Trucking will notify Beacon Hill management if service is not rendered at a specific location due to construction blockage.