Deer Management Program

During the legal archery hunt season, Beacon Hill Community Association (BHCA) participates in the Virginia State Department of Game and Inland Fisheries DMAP program (Deer Management Assistance Program) to responsibly manage the whitetail deer population in the community in an effort to control the ecological and property damage caused by overpopulation.

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This Notice serves to inform community members that the 2019-2020 urban archery season opens Saturday, September 7, 2019 and runs through Sunday, April 26, 2020. This season will mark the tenth year BHCA has participated in the DMAP program. BHCA assigns access and hunting rights on certain BHCA owned land parcels to the trained professional bow huntsmen from Suburban Whitetail Management (SWM.)

Hunting is permitted by SWM team members on BHCA owned land parcels C-1D and E-1B1 ONLY.  Hunting is prohibited at all other community association owned land parcels, including the golf course parcels. No other organisation or person may hunt on the two approved hunt parcels without the written permission of BHCA.

Click Here to view the community map and note the location of parcels C-1D and E-1B1.

Both of the parcels are in a secluded area.  Parcel E-1B1 is a wooded area behind Spectacular Bid, and Parcel C-1D is actually an outlet owned by BHCA and located across Old Waterford Road.

Bow hunts by SWM team members will be conducted on the two approved community owned parcels at varying times during legal hunting hours (half hour before dawn to half hour after dusk.)  Two years ago the state legislature overturned the 100+ year ban on Sunday hunting.

Hunting on Sundays is now legal statewide for all seasons and animals.  

SWM provides deer management services throughout Northern Virginia, and have an excellent reputation with members holding the highest levels of experience and integrity, and who know and follow the law.  The Loudoun County team members of SWM also provide deer management service to private property owners in Beacon Hill, as well as adjacent farms.  While in the community, all SWM team members display a SWM decal on the dash board of their vehicle.

SWM team members use elevated hunt stands mounted a minimum 150′ distance from any private property not participating in the deer management program, and a minimum 30 yards distance from any portion of the equestrian trail.

Click Here for information on SWM and to learn how your private property can participate in the conservation program, or contact the Loudoun County Coordinator, William Phillips, directly at

To learn more about legal hunting of Whitetail deer in Virginia Click Here.