Community Property Maintenance Standards

The Preservation of Perfection

Routine maintenance guidelines followed by Beacon Hill community members and information supporting the requirements are provided below. We encourage you to review the full governing documents available in the Community Library.


Home and Property Exterior

  • Maintain the exterior of your home and property in good order and with such frequency as is consistent with good property management. (BHCA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements)
    • Approval of the BHCA is required in advance of construction to add, modify, or install an improvement to the exterior of your property. An application with supporting documentation may be emailed to the community manager for processing. Code 2 and Application Form.
    • Approval of the BHCA is not required to replace or refurbish an existing component or structure if the replacement is with like-kind.
    • Note to your contractors/vendors: Posting company advertisement signage at your project is not permitted in Beacon Hill. Community members may submit recommendation/contact info on preferred vendors to Management for posting on the website Vendor List page.

Turf Management

  • Engage in an annual maintenance program to promote healthy turf, control crab grass and prevent weeds.
  • Seasonal mowing every 7-10 days to maintain turf height on lawn, as well as the drainage swale, and road easement adjacent to your property.
  • Maintain drainage swale and driveway culvert free of accumulated leaves and debris.

Landscape Management

  • Maintain landscaping as often as necessary to consistently present a healthy, neat and orderly appearance free from disease, pests, weeds, overgrown shrubs, leaves and litter.
  • Edge landscaped beds and walkways seasonally. Rake and fluff existing mulch, and add mulch as necessary to cover exposed turf. Prune shrubs and trees as needed to present a healthy well-maintained appearance.
  • Replace with similar kind – failed trees and shrubs that are required to be maintained on your property by Code 2, Design Guidelines.
  • Approval of BHCA to replace existing landscaping is not required unless the replacement deviates from the approved landscape plan.
  • Maintain masses of plantings that will provide year round screening to soften the view of play/recreation structures and utility units.
  • Black mesh may be wrapped around individual plants for the purpose of deer protection.

Trash Management

  • Place containers roadside for collection no earlier than dusk the evening before service. Because of the plentiful community wildlife and the frequent strong winds, it is preferable that containers be placed roadside by 6:00 a.m. the morning of service.
  • Remove containers from the roadside promptly on the day of service. Storage of containers in your garage or the approved exterior trash storage unit so that they remain out of public view except on day of service is a Code 1 requirement.
  • If you are unable to remove your container from the road on the day of service, make alternate arrangements. Contact info for neighborhood teens providing the service is available at Child, Pet & Helpful Service Providers.
  • Do not leave unsecured trash out for collection. If you must use bags, please tightly secure. If you routinely have overflow trash, consider purchasing an additional container, rather than using bags, to ensure your trash does not become a neighborhood litter nuisance, or a food source for the wildlife.

Driveways, Entrance Pier(s) and Lantern(s)

  • Maintain your driveway via regular cleaning, sealing, and fill as necessary.
  • Powerwash the entrance stone pier(s) as necessary to maintain a clean appearance.
  • Maintain the pier lantern(s) in operable condition. Use a photocell or timer to ensure the lights burn daily dusk to dawn as required.
  • Replacement and maintenance information for the bulb and lantern: Click Here
  • Fixture-Light-Bulb-Info (6)

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